Search go >> main navigation melnet professional area rules for melnet bulletin board directory of members clinicians' forum clinicians' forum details 2012 annual meeting about melnet how melnet began melnet leadership melnet priorities melnet and the melanoma foundation support melnet news what's happening? eli lilly viagra online Media conferences,seminars, events call for sunbed regulation melanoma summit 2013 resources clinical guidelines nz organisations international links nz skin cancer control framework nz vitamin d and sun exposure consensus statement contact melanoma foundation news what's happening? generic viagra online Archive media conferences,seminars, events call for sunbed regulation melanoma summit 2013 register to become a member clue to pigmented nodular melanoma friday october 7, 2011 blue-black rule: a simple dermoscopic clue to recognise pigmented nodular melanoma the presence of a new feature named blue-black (bb) colour may provide an important clue to the diagnosis of pigmented nodular melanoma, according to a recent study. Although dermoscopy improves the recognition of melanoma, most criteria have been described in the context of superficial spreading melanoma, according to the study abstract. The aim of the study was to test whether pigmented nodular melanoma could be recognised dermoscopically by the presence of a combination of blue and black colour within the lesion. vision loss with viagra The study involved the evaluation of dermoscopic images of histopathologically diagnosed pigmented nodular tumours with no (or only minimal) flat component. These were evaluated for the presence of standard melanoma criteria and for the presence of a new feature named blue-black (bb) colour. le viagra 20 mg Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value were calculated for standard criteria and bb feature in relation to the diagnosis of melanoma and to diagnosis of malignancy. viagra for sale As outlined in the study abstract, of 283 lesions, one hundred sixty were malignant, including 78 (27. viagra without a doctor prescription 6%) melanomas, and 123 were benign. what are viagra pills used for The bb feature and the standard criteria had 78. 2% and 43. viagra no prescription needed 6% sensitivity for melanoma, respectively, whereas a combined method based on the presence of either the bb feature or one (or more) of the standard criteria reached 84. buy viagra without prescription 6% sensitivity, with 80. generic viagra canada 5% specificit.

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